Orchids, Orchids Everywhere

peach color orchids
Yes, it seems odd that orchids, a tropical plant, start to flower (in my  house) late February early March but they do, as if to announce spring is just around the corner. I love orchids and I have been growing them them for many years. Some people say they are hard to grow, the answer is Yes and No. The easiest ones to grow are the Phalaenopsis family, anyone can grow these. I find orchids amazingly beautiful, mesmerizing and fascinating. Some fascinating facts about orchids can be ...
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It is Still Winter in Our Neighborhood

two cats in front of the fireplace watching the fire burn
Our spring-like weather we have been experiencing in February is gone, old father winter is taking advantage of the last few days of winter. Our latest snowstorm dropped just a couple of inches of snow followed by some rain making this snow very wet and very hard to shovel, it was real heavy. The temperatures fell below freezing with lots of cold wind making it feel even colder. Flowers such as daffodils, bushes and cherry trees started to bloom early this year but this snap of cold weath...
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Falling in Love with Daylilies

Red and Yellow daylily
It is summertime and the daylilies are in full bloom. Our neighbors Fred and Sue Briscos have been busy tending to their enormous and gorgeous garden. I am thankful to their dedication and the beauty they have created for all of us to enjoy. This year I decided to learn about their garden and the beautiful daylilies they grow. And wow, let me start by saying that I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge they have, which is what happens when you have dedicated 40 years to growing da...
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