Helpful Numbers

We hope this information is useful to both new and established families living in our neighborhood.

Animal Control & Adoption

To report dead deer and similar, call 410-313-2780

After hours reporting, call 410-313-2929

The website  Animal Control

BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric)

To start a new service fill out the BGE new service form

For emergencies (smell of natural gas, down power lines, etc.) call  800-685-0123

Read this before reporting an outage: Before reporting an outage

To report an outage call 1-877-778-2222

To see a map of the current outages with time estimates for restoration: Outage map


For questions call 410-313-6444

The website: Landfill 

Garbage / Trash service

To find out about your trash recycling days call 410-313-6444

For general information check the website: Howard County Trash Service


Lyme disease is a serious disease that new and current families in our area must be careful of. Lyme disease is endemic in our state and in Howard County. Lyme disease is transmitted by a deer tick, of which we have many roaming our yards. It is not a very good disease to get especially if untreated. To read more about it, please visit the following links:

CDC home page

CDC Lyme disease control and Prevention

Lyme Disease Awareness

other health related links:

Howard County Health Department


Mental Health


To call our closest hospital, Howard County Hospital: 410-740-7890

The website: Howard County Hospital


For emergencies call 911

For non-emergencies call 410-313-3200

For General information call 410-313-3200

The website: Howard County Police

If you SEE something, Say Something: 800-492-8477

The crime prevention website: Police crime prevention

Recycling / Yard Trim Recycling

To find out what is recyclable, schedules and related information see Recycling

For information on Yard Trim Recycling

For holiday slide scheduling visit: Recycling, Yard Trim, Trash

To call the Recycling center: 410-313-6444

Snow Removal

For general information and regulations: Howard County Snow page

During a storm to check out progress of plowing in the County: Snow plowing map

Street Sweeping

Our streets are swept 4 times a year: January, April, July, and September. The purpose is to help prevent street dirt from reaching the waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

For more information call: 410-313-7450

The website: Howard County Public Works

Voter Registration

How to register and more information visit Howard County Voter Registration

Water department

For maintenance, repair, or emergencies call: 410-313-4900

After hours emergencies: 410-313-2929

For General information and many helpful numbers: Howard County Water Department