Welcome to the Font Hill Community Website

If you are looking to move into our neighborhood, we hope this website will be of help to you. Browse through the various tabs especially the Local Information section where you will find links to our schools, our library, our beautiful park, and the Howard County government website. The Helpful Numbers section gives you information on how to reach other services in our neighborhood such as the electric company, the water department, the nearest hospital and several others.

If you need to contact us, please use the Contact Us form, we will try to answer your question or at least point you in the right direction.

If you live in the neighborhood, this website is also for you.

  • BLOG – Showcases the beauty in our midst along with musings and observations.
  • OUR EVENTS – Shows information about any upcoming neighborhood events.
  • ABOUT US – You find information about the all-volunteer neighborhood association.
  • JOIN/DONATE – Is the location where you will be able to join the community association as a paying or non-paying member, although we hope you will be the former.
  • LOCAL INFORMATION – Has a list of several of the services we enjoy in our neighborhood.

We live in a beautiful area amongst many wonderful families. Take a look.


Font Hill Wetland park Font Hill Park pond A pond within Font Hill Park