Our First Snow Storm

Our first snow storm of the not quite winter season (2020-2021) arrived on December 16 and just like that the view of our neighborhood changed. I went out early the next day to enjoy the view and the peacefulness in the air. Have you noticed how blue the sky looks right after a snow storm especially when the sun is shining? It is just glorious. Here are some of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy them. How ironic it would be if this is the year we get snow on Christmas day when ou...
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Three More Weeks of Winter

snowy street
A couple of sunny days with mild temperatures is all it takes for the mind and body to get tricked into thinking spring is around the corner. And then just like that we get snow, a couple of inches or so. But once again, the temperatures get quite mild melting the snow, what a rollercoaster! But we see signs of spring coming all around us. The daffodil bulbs are peaking through the snow, the white snowbells are blooming and there are plenty of buds in our trees. My orchids are blooming ...
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The Holiday Season is Over

The Three Wise Women
The craziness of the Holiday Season is over. The Children have all received their Santa's presents, extended family (or friends) have come over and gone, grown children have visited home and are gone but the Christmas Season is not over, the Magi are still in transit. It is time to breath, to sit by the Christmas tree and wait for the Three Wise Men to arrive on January 6, or was it the Three Wise Women? Our neighborhood looked once again absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to ALL the fami...
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