A World Without a Sun

USA map showing the path of the Total Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017
What would a world be without a sun? More importantly what would our world be like without the sun? Have you really thought about it? Sure it would be a dark and cold place but more that that we would not exist, not as we know it; and now we would probably not survive at all since we are more dependent than ever on the sun. We depend on our sun for light, to create our climate and so much more. Our rain depends on the sun. Without rain and sun we would not have plants and trees; we wou...
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Falling in Love with Daylilies

Red and Yellow daylily
It is summertime and the daylilies are in full bloom. Our neighbors Fred and Sue Briscos have been busy tending to their enormous and gorgeous garden. I am thankful to their dedication and the beauty they have created for all of us to enjoy. This year I decided to learn about their garden and the beautiful daylilies they grow. And wow, let me start by saying that I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge they have, which is what happens when you have dedicated 40 years to growing da...
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Strawberry Picking: A Delightful and Delicious Time

Smiley face made with strawberries
Strawberry season came and went and I enjoyed every bit of it! I am lucky enough to have access to a local family farm, Larriland farm, which grows many varieties of crops where you can go and harvest at your own pace. My husband and I look forward to the farm opening each year with strawberries as the first crop available for picking and eating. We used to go with our young children and now without children and we still enjoy it. Each time we go now we share the experience with them via ...
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Why I Love Fireflies

firefly glowing
Spring has all of a sudden turned into summer but I am not complaining yet, because after 30 plus inches of snow we got in February, I am not minding a little heat. What I do love about this time of the year, late spring-early summer, is the anticipation of seeing the fireflies in our midst. I love fireflies, I am fascinated by them. I did not grow up seeing fireflies and still after 15 years in this area, I still find them beautiful and mesmerizing. My first encounter with fireflies, ...
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