The Holiday Season is Over

The Three Wise Women
The craziness of the Holiday Season is over. The Children have all received their Santa's presents, extended family (or friends) have come over and gone, grown children have visited home and are gone but the Christmas Season is not over, the Magi are still in transit. It is time to breath, to sit by the Christmas tree and wait for the Three Wise Men to arrive on January 6, or was it the Three Wise Women? Our neighborhood looked once again absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to ALL the fami...

A World Without a Sun

USA map showing the path of the Total Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017
What would a world be without a sun? More importantly what would our world be like without the sun? Have you really thought about it? Sure it would be a dark and cold place but more that that we would not exist, not as we know it; and now we would probably not survive at all since we are more dependent than ever on the sun. We depend on our sun for light, to create our climate and so much more. Our rain depends on the sun. Without rain and sun we would not have plants and trees; we wou...