A World Without a Sun

USA map showing the path of the Total Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017
What would a world be without a sun? More importantly what would our world be like without the sun? Have you really thought about it? Sure it would be a dark and cold place but more that that we would not exist, not as we know it; and now we would probably not survive at all since we are more dependent than ever on the sun. We depend on our sun for light, to create our climate and so much more. Our rain depends on the sun. Without rain and sun we would not have plants and trees; we wou...

Fireflies Everywhere!

firefly glowing
If it is June, it is firefly season in our neighborhood. Late spring is a tenuous time weather-wise with rains and dry spells and with temperatures at times bordering summertime and other times a bit too cold for spring. Fireflies like warm, humid and damp days. They only have approximately 21 days to live once they become fireflies after spending 2 years as larvae. Peak time, when you see the most number of fireflies is half-way through their life span and it is when we like to have our Neighbo...