2022-Pumpkin GLOW event

3 ghost balloons
Wow, how time flies. The 2022 holiday season is fast approaching although I can't say which holiday are we talking about because the stores seem to have Halloween items and the Christmas decorations are also out in display. Our community celebrates Halloween with a big Pumpkin GLOW festival event which has been described by some as an EPIC event! We will have 90 carved pumpkins decorating the park. All pumpkins are being carved by families in our community. The pumpkins will be GLOWING in ...
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4th of July Patriotic CAR Parade

The last 16 months have been hard on everyone, COVID-19 has been quite an experience. But as we start to come out from under it, let us come out and celebrate LIFE, LIBERTY and community. Parade details: When: 4th of July (rain or shine)Time: Parade starts at 11am (approximately)Start point: Our park entrance by the Font Hill side road Parade route: How to be in the Parade Decorate your car in a Patriotic theme: balloons, flags, etc.Wear Patriotic gear.Drive your c...
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Community Spring Hunt

Who says you cannot have some fun during COVID times safely ? Our community held a neighborhood wide Spring Treasure Hunt and it was fun and challenging. The challenge came from first trying to decipher the hint or the riddle given and then try and locate what you thought it would be in our large neighborhood. Nobody found them all and not all were correctly found but the winner, our neighbor Mark found 31 (out of 37) treasures, which is amazing! Congratulations Mark! Here are ph...
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