Spring is a busy time for Mother Nature and for People

Yes, spring is a busy time for Mother Nature and for us humans. Mother Nature is busy shaking off the winter blues by waking up every tree, shrub, weed, or plant in the ground and offering us beautiful spring colors.

outdoor garden - tulips

pink cherry tree in full bloom

Our flowering trees covered in pink, white, and purple flowers are a joy to see and they also give us what I call ‘petal showers’. Spring brings rain showers and wind which shake our flowering trees making the loose petals fall, giving the illusion of snow falling.

A few years ago that is exactly what I thought as I was waking up one Saturday morning, with my still sleepy eyes and groggy mind still in bed under the covers. I gazed out the window when I thought it was snowing. My mind then started asking, is it really snowing? Wait, what month is this? When I realized it was May, I said to myself no way and realized it was petal showers, I smiled and enjoyed the beauty.

white cherry tree flowers

Our front yards having been beaten with 30-inches of snow this past winter, start to be covered in grass. Have you noticed how beautiful the green grass looks? As if saying, ‘hello world, hello sunshine!’. The green grass has an appearance of happiness and youth, unaware of the possible beating it may endure in the summer yet to come with some days of little rain and strong sun.

Again our flowering trees past their bloom peak start to be covered in green leaves. Have you noticed how green the tree leaves are? The green is soft, crisp, clean and pure in color. Nature is truly beautiful.

row of white cherry trees in bloom

spring tree

Even for us humans, a little sunshine brings us all out for walks and for gardening, toiling over our flower beds, our vegetables gardens, and our front lawns. Because, just like Mother Nature, we need the sun, we enjoy the beauty of nature and we need to be outdoors.

woman planting her spring garden

Wishing you all a Happy Spring!


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