Earth Day Celebration!

Plant Milkweed bookmark
  • When: Sunday, April 28
  • Where: Our community park
  • Time: 1 – 3 pm

Our Celebration theme is Help Save the Monarch Butterflies and our pollinators, for their sake, for OUR sake!

Our first Earth Day Celebration will feature several groups in our community giving out information, doing demonstrations and answering questions.

Come to hear about: recycling, minimizing use of plastic bags, and reducing your carbon footprint. Come to learn from one of our neighbors about honey bees and beehives, maybe we will taste some of their honey.

At the event, all supporting members of the community (2019-dues paid) will receive FREE: 2-seed packets of wildflowers to attract the pollinators and 1-seed packet of milkweed (syriaca) for the monarch caterpillars, an estimated total of 10 grams of seeds! Become a supporting member of our community and our events.

COME on out, COME on over!

Bring the children, the grandchildren. Show your love and appreciation of Mother Earth for all that she gives us.

See you at the event!

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