Let There Be LIGHT

Font Hill Neighborhood


Saturday, December 15

Time: Start at Dusk

No matter what your religion of belief is, LIGHT is a universal symbol for;


JOIN your Font Hill Family in this beautiful event


How to participate:

Where to get the Luminarias:

For safety, our luminarias are LED based in large white opaque cups. They can be purchased at our community Holiday Gathering on Saturday, December 8 (2pm – 4pm). To ensure availability, pre-order them via email.

If you cannot make the Holiday Gathering, please contact us via email using the Contact tab Form in the community website (http://fonthillcommunity.org/contact-us/).

Luminaria Kits:

Luminaria kit cost is $12 per dozen. The Kit includes: 12 cups  + 12 lids + 12 LED lights + 12 anchors. 

All the cups have been perforated to facilitate the use of the anchors.

Anchors are only necessary if there is wind, they hold the luminaria in place (in the ground). 

Lids help enhance the illumination of the luminaria as well as keep the rain out but be gentle when closing, you could damage the cup.

It has been suggested 2 tea LED lights be used per luminaria as they are not as bright when compared to candles. Extra LED lights are $8 per dozen.

Old Luminarias:

For those of you wanting to use candles, please do so carefully. Some votive candles will be available at the Holiday Gathering on December 8.  Candles are $3 for 12.

Where to setup your Luminarias

If your front property has a sidewalk: Set your luminarias on the grass section along the street. Use the anchors to secure the luminaria to the grass area.

If your front property does not have a sidewalk: Set your luminarias along the edge of your front grass area along the street. Use the anchors to secure the luminarias to the grass.

The idea is to have luminarias along the road perimeter. If you have extra luminarias then you may use them to line up your driveways and other areas.

WHAT TIME to setup your Luminarias

LED light Luminarias: Set them out starting 3pm, just before dark and let them shine all night.

Remember LED batteries are good for 100 hours so these luminarias should last at least 5 years although they tend dim with time.

JOIN your Font Hill Family in this beautiful event

Show your Community Spirit

May the LIGHT of the Luminarias radiate



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