Plant Seedling Sale


I will have a tent setout by the driveway to help keep the rain out. I am extending the time as follows: 9am – 3pm. Hopefully at some point it is not raining or light enough so you can come and buy some of the plants. If you are available during the week, then you can use Calendly to request an appointment when hopefully it is not raining. Here is the link for the Plant Sale Appointment. I hope to see you. Happy Gardening!

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Once again I am having a seedling sale : tomatoes, peppers, herbs and some flowers as they become ready. I can tell you they are all looking beautiful and are looking to shine in your beautiful vegetable gardens.

A Little history

Thanks to the pandemic, I took a greater interest in gardening but many of you know that. Sure I had indoor plants to include; orchids, geraniums and several house plants but because of the pandemic I became interested in growing vegetables. During the pandemic I grew potaoes, onions and salad greens; my husband was already growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and beans. But I like color, I love butterflies and pollinators so I thought about growing flowers. Flowers have turned out to be a lot more tricky and difficult to grow needing different requirements than vegetables.

2022 was going to be my flower year BUT then came the difficulties; deer, rabbits, groundhog and squirrels. After spending months starting seeds then babysitting them when I transferred them to the outside ALL our friendly critters were more than happy to see them as well. In less than a week, ALL my flower seedlings were destroyed. Snapdragons, sunflowers, cosmos to name a few; needless to say I want to cry and I almost gave up. I spent the rest of the season (2022) watching, learning and plotting how to get around the critters. I did manage to grow a few flowers but it was dismal.

But this is 2023 and I am hopeful that I have learned enough to have some success. But now I have a much greater goal, I want to convert my backyard (at least half of it) into a Food and Flower Garden – Vilma’s Victory Garden. I want the garden to feed me, feed the pollinators and beautify my backyard. One thing that is becoming clear is that it will take time and it requires quite a bit of money even when being resourceful. I believe in reuse-repurpose-recycle. All funds from the Plant Seedling Sale will go towards the garden.

On the weather – I will have a tent on my driveway in case the weather is drizzlig, but if anything needs to change I will put the information at the start of this page so check if in doubt. If you want me to send you the notice via email, please let me know by sending me a message to: chem79vla (at) gmail (dot) com.

I look forward to seeing you at the Plant Sale.

Plant Sale Dates & Pricing

  • Saturday May 13 time: 9am – 1pm
  • Saturday May 20 time: 9am – 1pm
  • Stay tuned for possible additional dates.
  • Tomatoes, Peppers: $3 each
  • Herbs: $2 (lemon basil, sweet basil, thyme)
  • Flowers: TBD, probably $3 (marigolds, cosmos, coleous)


Restmor Knoll (the end of the cul-de-sac) under the tent, follow the signs. Font Hill Neighborhood.


The chosen tomatoes are all slicers, medium-large size and very delicious.

The list includes:

  • Mortgage tomato 75-85 days
  • Soldacki tomato 75 days
  • Arkansas tomato 90 days
  • Carmello tomato 70 days
  • Abe Lincoln 80 days
  • Brandywine 80 days
  • Super100 Cherry tomato 80 days

To read more about them here is the link >> Delicious tomatoes


I have grown and eaten most of the peppers on this list, although I have added a few with some ‘heat’ as several people were asking me for those. I can’t wait to grow those myself

The list includes:

  • Aji pepper – it has heat
  • Ausilio pepper (70-80 days)
  • Anaheim pepper (80 days)
  • Cubanelle pepper (65 days) — loved this pepper last year
  • Jimmy Nardello (75 days)
  • Mulata pepper – a very rare pepper with some heat.
  • Criolla pepper (80-85 days)
  • California Wonder pepper

To read more about them here is the link >> Delicious peppers